Saturday, August 8, 2009

I would like to share something with you

Here I am hung over and waiting for the "terminally late Saturday breakfast date" to arrive and thought time would pass more smoothly while sharing a few quips with the tens of you out there reading. 

The first picture up there is from Greenfield, Iowa during RAGBRAI 2009. What is a "RAGBRAI" you ask?  Ragbrai is a conglomeration of around 15,000 bicyclists of varying skill levels, sobriety, and intelligence crossing iowa during the course of one fun filled (and this year, VERY hilly) week i.  People travel from as far as Australia, England, New Zealand, and Portugal to dip their tires in the Missouri River, then the Mighty Mississippi one week later.  I have to say it is an amazing time and if you are into this sort of thing you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.  Enough about what it is and on to the original point...

   ...this camp site picture is the scene of my last night on the 'Brai.  This night included binge eating, no drinking (shocker), a run in with/sighting of the Mysterious Majical Hurleys, lots of rain, and one nasty accident.  What accident?  Well, a few of the local teens procured a golf cart for a joy ride and thought it would be fun to chase one of their friends while he was running down the street.  The runner lost his footing, fell on top of a recumbent parked by a curb, and was run over by the golf cart full of formerly fun loving teenage joy-riders.  I walked up to this scene while returning to camp from the town square.  The crime scene was full of gawkers, self proclaimed medics, an ambulance, all 3 Greenfield P.D. cars, concerned neighbors, one 12 year old girl (cart driver) and one teen boy with a very nasty broken leg. Oh. And One golf cart with a flat tire which was still sitting crippled on the side of the road as we packed up and rolled out of town the next morning.

The next picture is of some funny Vegetable Nigiri Sushi I made myself for lunch one day.  Not much of a story on that one.

Until next time...

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