Monday, January 10, 2011


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Poking Through The Rubble/Sobering Sights

Dad is no longer drunk, and to prove it to myself I took a walk through the halls of my past. The walls are hung with pictures of failure, despair, disappointment, papered with lost love, days, and family. In the past these bleak portraits have been draped in a cloak of alcoholic denial, innocents taking on the pain of life from behind a blind veil.

Booze quickly replaced baby in the bottle order.

Life as I know it has always had a haze.

Now with the haze seven days lifted I can see the vibrant colors of my failures painstakingly brushed and layers on those canvases. The portraits glow, lighting the hall blindingly with pain. Pain of the past which still lingers for those in its wake still to this day.

I have decided to get sober and live life, working towards success and forgiveness. You can read about my progress here.