Monday, August 3, 2009

Foghat is officially bad ass.

So, dad is drunk at 9:13 on a Monday night. Had a great day of pizza buffets and pool games and margaritas and old style and pbr.  Mom and I did some cleaning and polishing of the fridge beer stock.  Listened to Budgie, Buckingham/Nicks, Rod Stewart (???), and then it came down to Twisted Sister Vs. Foghat.  Foghat won in a pinch hitting battle of drunken memories of times past. Holy shit. Totally rocked my world as we talked of the past and I trailed off thinking of the flat on my Peugeot which needs fixing before Wednesday's big DID birthday bash bike ride. 

Wait. Mom just put on Black Sabbath Vol 4, Snowblind. Gotta go.

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