Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day Massacre Bike Ride of Doom

This is an open invitation to any of you out there on bikes who really want to "get down" this week for the original Green Holiday!

Hello all,

Some of you have jobs. On Wednesday you should pretend you don't.

St Pats is the #1 Amateur Drinking day in the world and normally I abstain due to the overwhelming hordes of shitheads roaming our fair city. This year I am dancing a different

This venture will begin Tuesday night @ 5 pm for those so inclined to have a good 24 hour drunkfest.

You know, I used to live in Philly and there is nothing like starting the night before St Pats, then showing up to the parade puking in trash cans on the route after no sleep whatsoever. I want to bring those "memories" back.

So....Tuesday night the more irresponsible of us will be meeting at the Longest Yard in valley junction at 5. The have "hair band Tuesday" and it is a good thing. Then on to downtown via Charlies, GT, et al.

All this ends in a mess somewhere downtown Tuesday night/weds morning (I may need a place to crash as I live on the other side of the flood plain).

Wednesday morning we reconvene (or continue on a path of destruction) at 8 am for breakfast at a TBA location. From there we drink until St Pat's Day looks cute. This party stops when uncle is called. Stay tuned for more details.

Rsvp if you dare


Ps. Forward this to anyone you know with a bike who wants to hang animal style.

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