Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*Caution* Today Only, Politically Themed Blog!

For the last two days I have been listening to testimonials from the very-educated and forward thinking people of the "Tea Party Movement."(please note sarcasm)  It seems that Conservative Persons from Both Parties (or as I like to refer to as CoPerBoP) have banded together to fight government involvement in Big Business and promote more Government involvement in womens' bodily decisions and more Religious involvement in Government.  Fair Enough.  The current "Cross Aisle Politcal Battle" (or as I like to call, CRAPBAT) has caused many of us Americans to question our answer to that call for Change in our country.  Our President has become the Pinata of the Press, and our Change has become something akin to actual pocket change. 

These "Contitutional Fundamentalist" of the Tea Party Movement have a solution for the ills of our Nation. 


Are you fucking kidding?  Is this real? 

Yes, it is real.  Evidently the Glorious Moron, S.Palin is the answer to all our woes.  She has been studying soooo hard and getting emails everyday from Washington informing her of what is happening in the country (everyone knows that her employer, FOX News, can't give her much factual insight), and she is ready to "Give It A Go" (or as I like to cal it GAG) in 2012.  What Fun!  Ok, she is in ONLY if she thinks "it is right for the American People and for the Palin family."  What a relief, not even President or even a candidate yet and she feels comfortable deciding what is or is not in the best interest of the People.

Did I mention that she practically single handedly sunk a promising campaign?  Well, now it was McCain's fault.  Hannity was all over the "poor, poor decision by the Republican party to tag this woman along for the ride" angle in 2008, now She is the bright shining star and McCain's failure was due to his Progressive Conservatism.

I want everyone to think very hard back to 18 months ago.  Strain yourself to remember what was 3 months of the biggest dipshit show on earth, then tell yourself that voting for Palin would EVER be a good idea.  This woman is still as ignorant as before, still as good of a politician as before (Alaska scandals), and to top it off has abandoned being a GOVERNOR (actual position that people hold to help people) to be a "Commentator" (dog and pony show which helps nobodoy but Sarah Palin).  Do you think another self serving candidate ignorant of world affairs whom basically ran on a platform of "I didn't have an abortion and I know how to hunt" is fit to be President of the United States of America? 

I would rather vote for Oprah.

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