Monday, January 10, 2011


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Poking Through The Rubble/Sobering Sights

Dad is no longer drunk, and to prove it to myself I took a walk through the halls of my past. The walls are hung with pictures of failure, despair, disappointment, papered with lost love, days, and family. In the past these bleak portraits have been draped in a cloak of alcoholic denial, innocents taking on the pain of life from behind a blind veil.

Booze quickly replaced baby in the bottle order.

Life as I know it has always had a haze.

Now with the haze seven days lifted I can see the vibrant colors of my failures painstakingly brushed and layers on those canvases. The portraits glow, lighting the hall blindingly with pain. Pain of the past which still lingers for those in its wake still to this day.

I have decided to get sober and live life, working towards success and forgiveness. You can read about my progress here.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The end

This is the last post this blog will see.  People failed to see the humor in it and and...I guess that is it.  Thank you for your time. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A brief pause....

Today is a historic day in...history.  Today health care reform was given a go-ahead by our Government.  This is no bullshit, people, and if I wasn't on day 4.5 of Detox Program beer would in order. 

Now here is my question:

Now that health care reform is a reality will that fat loud mouthed pill popping peice of political shit scrape himself off the bottom of shoes and leave the country?  That's right.  Rush Limp-baugh threatened some time ago to move to Costa Rica if this bill passed, and I want to know when that fuck is hitting the airport.  Fuck it, put him on a raft and toss him in the ocean.  Let his hot air propel him to his new home. 

That is all.

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patty's Day Massacre Bike Ride of Doom

This is an open invitation to any of you out there on bikes who really want to "get down" this week for the original Green Holiday!

Hello all,

Some of you have jobs. On Wednesday you should pretend you don't.

St Pats is the #1 Amateur Drinking day in the world and normally I abstain due to the overwhelming hordes of shitheads roaming our fair city. This year I am dancing a different

This venture will begin Tuesday night @ 5 pm for those so inclined to have a good 24 hour drunkfest.

You know, I used to live in Philly and there is nothing like starting the night before St Pats, then showing up to the parade puking in trash cans on the route after no sleep whatsoever. I want to bring those "memories" back.

So....Tuesday night the more irresponsible of us will be meeting at the Longest Yard in valley junction at 5. The have "hair band Tuesday" and it is a good thing. Then on to downtown via Charlies, GT, et al.

All this ends in a mess somewhere downtown Tuesday night/weds morning (I may need a place to crash as I live on the other side of the flood plain).

Wednesday morning we reconvene (or continue on a path of destruction) at 8 am for breakfast at a TBA location. From there we drink until St Pat's Day looks cute. This party stops when uncle is called. Stay tuned for more details.

Rsvp if you dare


Ps. Forward this to anyone you know with a bike who wants to hang animal style.

Friday, March 12, 2010

White cops

So I just got done drinking 40s outside an unnamed Ingersoll bar.  On a mission with my boy stretch and Detective Skim Milk to the south side.  Dad is drunk and getting drunkest.  Curtis Mayfield playin in the Cougar Catcher, got a rocks glass in my pocket.  To be continued......


So I am sitting on the "thinking station" at what is alledgedly my workplace contemplating a few things.  What should I really do with this blog? Should I make it about cycling, or just continue with random bullshit?  I don't know what should be done.  I enjoy just fucking around on here, but I feel like maybe an urge to get serious once in a while.  

I have a lot more to think about and plan.  That Bike ride across Iowa thing needs planned, have a ton of yard work to do (now that the glacier has melted), I have bikes that need work, Daughter's last 2 months of high school, house decorating to be done, furniture to find.  Ok, it isn't that bad. 

Oh, I found my tissues.  Time to quit crying.